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When it comes to Middle Eastern dating websites, it can be difficult for some men to find the pious woman that they desire to marry. Whether you live in an area with few women who fit your expectations or simply haven’t found the person who you think will make the best wife, it may be worth your time to improve on your dating skills by considering the following four tips from


1. Know What You Are Looking For


Entering the Middle Eastern dating scene without an idea of what you want to find can make it difficult to meet someone who fits in with your expectations. Some Arab singles are content to marry the first person who shows them any interest, but it is often better to know what you want in a spouse and look for those qualities in those you date.


2. Enlist the Help of Family Members


Arab marriage tradition often relies on the assistance of parents and other family members for match making and for good reason. Those who know you closely have your best interests at heart and are willing to help you find a suitable partner. There may be an acquaintance or mutual friend that you can be matched with that you may not otherwise have found on your own.


3. Respect Her Values


When dating, you should always strive to follow halal. Be upfront with your personal beliefs and values, and be willing to respect your date's beliefs and values as well. This may mean any of the following:


  • Using chaperones
  • Going out only in public places
  • Avoiding flirting or physical contact


When your date understands that you are respectful, she will be much more likely to continue a relationship.


4. Broaden Your Search


If you haven't found success dating in your area, it may be time to consider You can broaden your search by making an online profile and connecting with Arab women looking for friendship, dating and marriage from around the world. © 2002-2024